How To Become An Apple Authorized Distributor In Dubai

How To Become An Apple Authorized Distributor In Dubai


Becoming an Apple Authorized Distributor in Dubai can be a lucrative business opportunity for individuals or companies interested in distributing Apple products in the region. However, becoming an Apple Authorized Distributor requires meeting specific requirements and going through a rigorous application process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become an Apple Authorized Distributor in Dubai.


The first step in becoming an Apple Authorized Distributor is to research the requirements and criteria set by Apple. Apple has specific guidelines for authorized distributors, and it is crucial to understand them before starting the application process.

Meet the requirements:

To become an Apple Authorized Distributor, you must meet the specific requirements set by Apple. This includes having minimum annual revenue of $1 billion, a minimum of five years of experience in distribution, and a dedicated Apple-focused sales, marketing, and technical personnel team.

Prepare your application:

After meeting the requirements, the next step is to prepare your application. The application process typically includes filling out an online application form and submitting business plans and financial statements. Apple will also require you to submit a detailed business plan outlining your proposed distribution strategy and how to promote and sell Apple products in Dubai.

Attend a presentation:

Once your application is submitted, Apple may invite you to attend a presentation where you will learn more about Apple’s products and distribution requirements. This presentation allows Apple to evaluate your company’s suitability as an authorized distributor.

Receive approval:

If your application is approved, you will receive a notification from Apple and be granted authorization to distribute Apple products in Dubai. You will also be required to sign a distribution agreement with Apple, which outlines the terms and conditions of your distribution relationship.

Complete training and certification:

After becoming an authorized distributor, you and your team must complete training and certification programs offered by Apple. These programs will help ensure your team is knowledgeable about Apple’s products, distribution guidelines, and customer service standards.

Becoming an Apple Authorized Distributor in Dubai requires meeting specific requirements, preparing a detailed application, attending a presentation, and completing training and certification programs. If you’re interested in becoming an authorized distributor, it is essential to research the guidelines and requirements set by Apple, prepare a robust application, and be patient throughout the process.