The Best Sales Training Programs For 2022

The Best Sales Training Programs For 2022


If you are looking for a training program for sales team, there are various options for you. But what are the best sales training programs for 2022? The most reputable institutes offer a consultative selling program that prepares sales representatives to make productive calls and provide valuable insights. The program is an online-based program that combines an instructor-led training session with content salespeople can access on their phones. For a full list of the best sales training programs for 2022, read on.

ValueSelling Associates:

If you’re looking for the best sales training program, you should consider the ValueSelling Associates program. The ValueSelling Framework is a proven formula for accelerating sales results. With its proven process, salespeople can learn how to create a need chain to sell their offerings and gain more customers. ValueSelling sales training program enables salespeople to learn about the nuances of selling and maximizes the impact of the value chain on the revenue pipeline.

Corporate Visions:

If you’re looking for a sales training program that can help you close more deals, look no further than Corporate Visions. This science-based program is designed for salespeople, delivering training in the critical areas of selling, customer service, and marketing. Salespeople can learn how to articulate their value in a way that appeals to prospects and creates a more successful sales cycle. The program is available in the classroom, instructor-led, and virtual instructor modes. It is also possible to create and administer interactive sales training courses through Corporate Visions’ Cloud-based platform.

John Barrows:

One of the most popular and effective sales training programs for recruits to B2B companies is the John-Barrows Sales Training Program. Designed to boost productivity and increase sales, this program focuses on driving to close and filling the funnel. Filling the Funnel teaches how to maximize team meetings with decision-makers and improve the quality of interactions. Driving to close, on the other hand, focuses on overcoming objections and making sales.


The SRG sales training course offers a step-by-step approach to the selling process. The curriculum includes topics like engaging prospects, booking appointments, qualifying leads, and closing sales. The course is flexible and focuses on long-term student success. It includes graded exams after every session to measure progress. The course is available for both live and virtual training. After completion of the course, students are awarded certification.