Top 4 Business Ideas For Those With A Limited Investment In Saudi Arabia

Top 4 Business Ideas For Those With A Limited Investment In Saudi Arabia


There are several business opportunities in Saudi Arabia that you can start with a small investment. These ideas range from online food delivery services to Hookah parlors to a crowd management service to travel and tourism consulting. If you’re looking for a new business in Saudi Arabia, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover the best business opportunities for small investments in the Kingdom.

Online food delivery service:

According to estimates, online food delivery in Saudi Arabia generated $644 million in sales last year. With fuel prices in the lower range, this is a lucrative business to start. The company can be launched by contacting local restaurants and offering food delivery services. However, an initial capital of SAR10, 000 is required. You can also opt for a smaller amount and start a small-scale business by partnering with established companies in the local area.

Hookah parlor:

Whether you want to start a business in the Middle East or Saudi Arabia, there are plenty of small investment business opportunities. Some of these businesses require minimal capital to start, while others require a larger amount of initial investment. For example, a hookah parlor does not require a high initial investment but requires a moderate amount of start-up capital. A hookah parlor is a bar where tobacco smokers can buy and smoke tobacco.

Crowd management service:

The Saudi market is highly competitive and very few people go to university to study a professional courses. Therefore, a booming small business in this industry is a great opportunity. The need for such professionals is huge. This business requires only a moderate entry capital. You can establish your business at home, shared office, or kiosk. This service is always in demand because of the influx of migrant workers into the country. Another great business idea is a naturopathy clinic. In a naturopathic clinic, you will use herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutrition counseling to treat patients and promote wellness.

Travel and tourism consulting service:

This type of business involves providing services to tourists. You would assist clients in obtaining visas, purchasing flight tickets, booking hotels, taxi cabs, bus shuttle services, and sight-seeing tours. You would also make arrangements for the transportation of your clients, as well as handle legal issues and navigate the local laws. If you’re a licensed travel agent, you can even start a business website to help tourists navigate the culture of the country.